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Por Nailson888 em 13/06/2014 -
Faça tarefas na Copa do Mundo!

                                     Agora a tarde foram hospedados novos códigos que indicam a chegada de novas tarefas,que estarão disponi...

Agora a tarde foram hospedados novos códigos que indicam a chegada de novas tarefas,que estarão disponivel nos dias que estará acontecendo o mundial. Confira os códigos das tarefas e as recompensas que serão dadas ao completar as tarefas:

Códigos hospedados hoje (13/06):

quests.worldcup14_2.day2a.completed=The guard finally opens the room. Montalvo can see two workers removing one picture of the museum and hanging one other painting exactly similar. They look at Montalvo, who can only look at them as well. Help him to advance in this investigation! quests.worldcup14_2.day2a.desc=Museums open only for VIPs tonight. quests.worldcup14_2.day2a.hint=The gigantic football player Nano Montalvo can't get to sleep. That's what he hates most during the pre-game meetings.\n\nHe decides to go to the Museum. Those are open at night for VIPs.\n\nHe perceipts some surprise in the staff of the institution, which is mostly empty. It is not normal that football players use that benefit they have.\n\nMontalvo is getting a hard time to convince one of the security guards to open one closed area. \n\n What should the guard do? Show it with a Badge. the Museum
quests.worldcup14_2.day2b.completed=The guard changed the settings of the room and now Montalvo can walk through Habbos. Heruns like crazy but, it is too late, the 2 suspicious men aren't in the room. Help the star of stars to advance in this story!
quests.worldcup14_2.day2b.desc=For the strength of my left foot! quests.worldcup14_2.day2b.hint=Nano Montalvo, the man who ran in 6 seconds from one goal to another and scored the fastest goal of the story of the World Cup, is ready to run after the two men. But! In the last second, a multitude appears from nowhere asking for pictures, signatures and tickets for the championship.\n\n Montalvo is blocked and the men with the paintings are far. He should move if he wants to ask them some questions. But, what can he do? Convince the guard again to use the right settings of that room or Montalvo will miss a good chance to advance in the case! those men! the Rival the Rival
Códigos hospedados no dia 11/06,em breve traduzido:

quests.worldcup14_1.day1.chaincaption= the Rival
quests.worldcup14_1.questa.completed=The journalists misconfigured the Forum settings, so 3rd party readers got access to this important information. Help Montalvo to advance in this story! quests.worldcup14_1.questa.desc=Football star Nano Montalvo discovers something suspicious. quests.worldcup14_1.questa.hint=Montalvo is bored and whiles away the time in the forum of the Habbo Daily Telepathist journal. He discovers that the private section for the employees is visible to all.There is a message stating that referees are involved in a plot: they are getting important art pieces and diamonds by rigging the results of some football matches.Weird stuff. But how could Montalvo had read that private Forum? Show the Badge that certifies that this wouldn't happen to you. news!
quests.worldcup14_1.questb.completed=Montalvo got your message, but the journalist already realized the mistake. The Forum thread is now invisible. Montalvo starts to be worried and he will hardly sleep tonight. Help him to advance in his investigation.  
quests.worldcup14_1.questb.desc=Journalists, matches, corrupted referees… is that a scoop? quests.worldcup14_1.questb.hint=Nano Montalvo megastar tries to participate in the discussion by replying to that Forum post. He doesn't understand why.Tell him what setting of the Forums masters that posibility. results?


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